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Investment Banks and Muppets

Another familiar story: some investment banks treat clients and employees like 'muppets'. Employees can be marched out of the building by security at 5 minutes notice - even longstanding employees who have been 'overly loyal' to their dysfunctional family - the bank.

Exchange your experience on the WEN website. Have you been

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Work/life balance in the legal profession

A recent surey by LexisNexis and the Law Society said that the level of commitment required to reach the very top of the legal profession makes it difficult to have a family. Around 80% blame the demands of the job for creating a poor work-life balance. With more women than men entering the profession why are less than 20% of equity partners women? Answer: pregnancy/maternity, the long hours culture and prejudice against flexible working.

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Where are women equity partners in law firms: discrimination?

Recent research by Laurence Simons shows that only 16% of partners in Magic Circle law firms in the UK are female. Two thirds of female lawyers state their gender is a barrier to their success. This is no surprise and there have been a stream of articles in the Law Society Gazette (last one on 23 February).

WHY are there not more women equity partners

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Let's start counting

According to Kira Cochrane the number of women we hear speaking on the Today programme as reporters or experts is typically 16-17%. Is this figure replicated in other workplaces? How to tell. Let's start counting - how many female directors, chief executives, partners, etc compared to men - and why? Just coincidence or sex discrimination?

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